Editor's Choice: Is ‘grassroots’ citizen science a front for big business?

By: Philip Mirowski

Editor's Choice: This is a rather provocative essay whose arguments are completely specious in many instances, and completely wrong in others, but has enough seeds of truth that it is worth pondering and acknowledging, and then considering much-needed rebuttals. --LFF-- Excerpt: The very label ‘citizen science’ (as opposed to, say, ‘amateur’ or ‘extramural’) carries the unsubtle suggestion that science should be a participatory democracy, not an unpalatable, autocratic regime. Proponents claim…

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Editor's Choice: Spot, log, map: Assessing a marine virtual citizen science program against Reed's…

By: Melissa Nursey-Bray, Robert Palmer, Gretta Pecl

Editor's Choice: What resonated for me with this article is the conclusion that embedding data collection activities within a virtual citizen science application not only supported improved data collection for marine science but also provided better opportunities for volunteers to engage in a larger community that contributed to social learning. --LFF-- Methods (excerpt): In this paper using Redmap as a case study (Box 1), we investigated in what ways marine…

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Editor's Choice: The Biggest Collection of Spiders in Colorado is Built on Citizen Science

By: Entomology Today

Editor's Choice: Peering into the pits of rotted stumps, poring over craggy tree bark, and most importantly, pausing. Patient and still, awaiting subtle movements that betray the presence of tiny, cryptic, eight-legged predators. A mantra in the nature museum field is "connect with nature," an aspiration conjuring up images of vast landscapes or charismatic megafauna. In this story, we flip the size scale to consider the ubiquitous, understated, and ever-fascinating…

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Editor's Choice: On Bee-ing

By: Meredith Cornett

Editor's Choice: And accompanying the more disheartening article about scientists' attitudes towards citizen science, here is a small ray of hope where we hear about one scientist's journey of accepting citizen science as a legitimate methodology through actual participation in a citizen science project. -- LFF -- Excerpt: For years I scoffed at the very notion of “citizen science.” I dismissed it as cumbersome, unreliable, and yielding data of questionable…

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