Editor's Choice: Data quality in citizen science urban tree inventories

By: Lara A. Roman, Bryant C. Scharenbroch, Johan P.A. Östberg, Lee S. Mueller, Jason G. Henning, Andrew K. Koeser, Jessica R. Sanders, Daniel R. Betz, and Rebecca C. Jordan

The acceptance of citizen science as a valid method for research and participatory monitoring uses rests on the quality of the data produced. Instead of "blaming" citizen participants for providing bad data, this article refreshingly makes it clear that data quality rests on many factors including good project design and training. -- LFF -- Abstract: Citizen science has been gaining popularity in ecological research and resource management in general and…

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Editor's Choice: Endangered Bumble Bee Gets Help From Citizen Scientists

By: Eva Lewandowski

Editor's Choice: Biological observations require patience. Biological conservation calls for urgency. When citizen science works in concert with national policy, it allows us to coordinate slow and rapid paced efforts. This is necessary to gain traction on challenging issues. For specific actions you can take to help the rusty patched bumble bee, read the species fact sheet. -- AWA -- Excerpt: This week, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS)…

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Editor's Choice: A natural user interface to integrate citizen science and physical exercise

By: Eduardo Palermo, Jeffrey Laut, Oded Nov, Paolo Cappa, and Maurizio Porfiri

The intent of this project is just wonderful and one of the most intriguing uses of citizen science I have seen. The authors combine the need to collect water quality data with the need to motivate patients who require rehabilitation with a lot of repetitive motion. While the study is somewhat contrived, the results show real promise - make your rehabilitation efforts count even more by contributing to environmental monitoring! --…

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Editor's Choice: Citizen science: OpenROV's David Lang enables armchair Jacques Cousteaus

By: Rachel Botsman

Matching the right tool with a compelling narrative. For David Lang, this was the ah-ha moment at OpenROV's inception. "Tool plus narrative" provides an interesting lens to examine citizen science and, perhaps, a useful recipe for the development of new citizen science projects. A narrative is a way of embedding a research question within the larger context of why it matters.-- AWA Excerpt: In the past it was up to…

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