Editor's Choice: On Bee-ing

By: Meredith Cornett

Editor's Choice: And accompanying the more disheartening article about scientists' attitudes towards citizen science, here is a small ray of hope where we hear about one scientist's journey of accepting citizen science as a legitimate methodology through actual participation in a citizen science project. -- LFF -- Excerpt: For years I scoffed at the very notion of “citizen science.” I dismissed it as cumbersome, unreliable, and yielding data of questionable…

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Editor's Choice: Once Teased For Her Love Of Bugs, 8-Yr Old Co-Authors Scientific Paper

By: Camila Domonoske and Merrit Kennedy

Editor's Choice: A warm & fuzzy story about creepy crawlies. Though slightly tangential to citizen science, this story illustrates a key ingredient to successful science outreach: scientists seeing a little bit of themselves in their audience. But don't take my word for it. Listen to Morgan Jackson and Sophia Spencer interviewed on NPR, via the link below. -- AWA -- Excerpt: Sophia Spencer, 8, loves bugs — especially grasshoppers. She's…

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Editor's Choice: Benefits and challenges of incorporating citizen science into university education

By: Nicola Mitchell, Maggie Triska, Andrea Liberatore, Linden Ashcroft, Richard Weatherill, Nancy Longnecker

Editor's Choice: Getting meta with the data. This study examines learning as well as pre- and post- attitudes of college biology students who participate in, what I'd term "deep" inquiry-based learning. The college students were not only assigned to analyze a species’ potential response to climate change using citizen science phenology data, but also to formally evaluate the validity of citizen science datasets. In the process, students gained real-world, critically-engaged…

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Editor's Choice: Between Vision and Reality: A Study of Scientists’ Views on Citizen Science

By: Yaela N. Golumbic, Daniela Orr, Ayelet Baram-Tsabari, Barak Fishbain

Editor's Choice: This article shows how much work remains to be done to convince our scientific colleagues that, appropriately applied, citizen science is a unique tool that can produce excellent science. -- LFF -- Abstract: Increased interest in public engagement with science worldwide has resulted in the growth of funding opportunities for scientists in the rapidly expanding field of citizen science. This paper describes a case study based on interviews…

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