Editor's Choice: Crowdsourcing Citizen Science: Exploring the Tensions Between Paid Professionals and Users

By: Jamie Woodcock, Anita Greenhill, Kate Holmes, Gary Graham, Joe Cox, Eun Young Oh, Karen Masters

Editor's Choice: This paper attempts to disentangle the complex relationship between the folks that are "paid" to run the Zooniverse and the unpaid volunteers who provide the classifications. At what point does it become the responsibility of the paid professionals to move from a simple transactional relationship with the volunteers to a more democratized relationship where the volunteers have more say in the production of the science they are contributing…

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Editor's Choice: Scientific data from and for the citizen

By: Sven Schade, Chrisa Tsinaraki, Elena Rogli

Editor's Choice: For everyone who thinks they are a practitioner of Citizen Science, this article is a must read as it drives home the need for clear data management practices with Citizen Science projects especially as we see the dramatic proliferation of CS projects. Will your data obtained from volunteers be maximally useful in potentially combining with other projects or over time? --LFF-- Abstract: Powered by advances of technology, today’s Citizen…

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Editor's Choice: Berry research project seeks Alaskan volunteer citizen scientists

By: Nate Bauer

Editor's Choice: What helps people connect with science on a personal level? Insights into this question may emerge in a new, compelling project coming out of Alaska. The investigators of "Winterberry" have designed this interdisciplinary project to integrate different ways of knowing and meaning-making into more familiar forms of participatory data collection. Their motivation? Making their work matter to Alaskan communities. The uncertainty of future berry harvests is not only…

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Editor's Choice: Leaderboard Effects on Player Performance in a Citizen Science Game

By: Mads Kock Pedersen, Nanna Ravn Rasmussen, Jacob F. Sherson, Rajiv Vaid Basaiawmoit

Editor's Choice: This paper underscores a very important point to keep in mind when designing a citizen science project: make sure you understand what motivates your target participants and how your project design feeds into this. This is particularly true when considering whether to "gameify" your project - some people are actually disincentivized by overt competition such as that displayed through a leaderboard. --LFF-- Abstract: Quantum Moves is a citizen…

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