Editor's Choice: Leaderboard Effects on Player Performance in a Citizen Science Game

By: Mads Kock Pedersen, Nanna Ravn Rasmussen, Jacob F. Sherson, Rajiv Vaid Basaiawmoit

Editor's Choice: This paper underscores a very important point to keep in mind when designing a citizen science project: make sure you understand what motivates your target participants and how your project design feeds into this. This is particularly true when considering whether to "gameify" your project - some people are actually disincentivized by overt competition such as that displayed through a leaderboard. --LFF-- Abstract: Quantum Moves is a citizen…

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Editor's Choice: Citizen Science Delivers “Unprecedented View” of Monarch Butterfly Parasitoids

By: Entomology Today

Editor's Choice: One of Citizen Science's most iconic projects, the Monarch Larva Monitoring Project, yields another excellent research result and a great lesson for all citizen science projects. By better understanding how certain species of flies impact monarch butterfly populations, researchers can better pinpoint which are human-based factors in monarch decline. -- LFF -- Excerpt: Thanks to citizen volunteers, scientists now know more than ever about the flies that attack…

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Editor's Choice: Estimates of observer expertise improve species distributions from citizen science data

By: Alison Johnston, Daniel Fink, Wesley M Hochachka, Steve Kelling

As citizen science methodologies mature and number of participants increases, it is becoming more possible to understand the role and necessity of experts in relation to data quality. This article is a great example of how expertise can be assessed and utilized. -- LFF -- Summary: Citizen science data are increasingly making valuable contributions to ecological studies. However, many citizen science surveys are also designed to encourage wide participation and…

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Editor's Choice: Citizen Science Terminology Matters: Exploring Key Terms

By: M V Eitzel , Jessica L Cappadonna, Chris Santos-Lang, Ruth Ellen Duerr, Arika Virapongse, Sarah Elizabeth West, Christopher Conrad Maximillian Kyba, Anne Bowser, Caren Beth Cooper, Andrea Sforzi, Anya Nova Metcalfe, Edward S Harris, Martin Thiel, Mordechai Haklay, Lesandro Ponciano, Joseph Roche, Luigi Ceccaroni, Fraser Mark Shilling, Daniel Dörler, Florian Heigl, Tim Kiessling, Brittany Y Davis, Qijun Jiang

This article will get your mental wheels turning about identity, power, and the nature of work at disciplinary boundaries. The authors carefully scrutinize words to unpack divergent connotations, examining how positive, neutral, and negative associations influence us. This is a must-read for all who aspire to make "citizen science" a just, inclusive, and equitable endeavor. -- AWA -- Abstract: Much can be at stake depending on the choice of words…

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