Editor's Choice: Citizen science: OpenROV's David Lang enables armchair Jacques Cousteaus

By: Rachel Botsman

Matching the right tool with a compelling narrative. For David Lang, this was the ah-ha moment at OpenROV's inception. "Tool plus narrative" provides an interesting lens to examine citizen science and, perhaps, a useful recipe for the development of new citizen science projects. A narrative is a way of embedding a research question within the larger context of why it matters.-- AWA Excerpt: In the past it was up to…

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Editor's Choice: Community-based Data Validation Practices in Citizen Science

By: Andrea Wiggins and Yurong He

This article is a must-read for anyone thinking about "going mobile" with citizen science projects. The meticulous work shows that while the use of a smart-phone app may draw more engagement, it can lead to "casual quality data". Another example of the usual tradeoff in citizen science - data quality against engagement.  -LFF Abstract: Technology-supported citizen science has created huge volumes of data with increasing potential to facilitate scientific progress,…

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Editor's Choice: Citizen science and its growing role in medical research

By: Adi Gaskell

This app is still in beta but this is the sort of project we all need to keep our eye on - how can personal data be used to benefit the people providing the data and not just the corporations who want that data? Let's hope this project lives up to its promise. -LFF Excerpt: [The Autoimmune Citizen Science app] allows patients to track their symptoms, treatments, lab tests and…

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Editor's Choice: Citizen Science: Toward Transformative Learning

By: Isabel Ruiz-Mallén, Livio Riboli-Sasco, Claire Ribrault, Maria Heras, Daniel Laguna, Leïla Perié

This is a fascinating article that tracks the change in attitudes towards science as well as content learning that occurred with a group of high school students who participated in the full cycle of a research project from asking the question to presenting results. I particularly liked one of the findings the authors recommend to incorporate in citizen science projects: interactions between scientists and participants must be transparent and trust-building. - LFF…

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