Excerpt: The latest version [of citizen science game platform Eterna] sees players tasked with designing a CRISPR-controlling molecule. The design of the challenge is to develop an RNA molecule that’s capable of acting as an on/off switch for CRISPR. The resulting molecules will then be tested by molecular biologists.“Great ideas can come from anywhere, so this is also an experiment in the democratization of science,” the [Eterna] team say. “A lot of people have hidden talents that they don’t even know about. This could be their calling. Maybe there’s somebody out there who is a security guard and a fantastic RNA biochemist, and they don’t even know it.”

Source: Gaskell, A., 2017. Eterna Citizen Science Game Turns Its Attention to CRISPR, 5 September 2017. Available at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/eterna-citizen-science-game-turns-its-attention-to_us_59aea162e4b0c50640cd61c9 [Last accessed 2 October 2017].