Editorial Guidelines and Review Process

Types of Literature

Citizen Science Today will serve as an aggregator of citizen science literature of various formats, including:

  • Published journal content
  • Online content (e.g. blogs)

Topics of Interest

Citizen Science Today seeks to publish articles spanning a wide variety of topics, including:

  • Results from research using citizen science
  • Results from research on citizen science
  • Study of and/or commentary on methods, system design, and computing in citizen science
  • Commentary on the ethics, policies, and principles of citizen science

How Articles Are Selected For Publication

Articles appearing in our monthly Citizen Science Today publication all undergo the following process:

  1. Articles are collected from a variety of citizen science feeds and from submissions by our readers (see Submit Work)
  2. Our editors-at-large (see About Citizen Science Today) nominate outstanding articles from the submissions based on the criteria listed above
  3. Nominated articles go through a final stage of review by the editors-in-chief prior to being selected for publication
  4. If the original posts are public, we reproduce original post (copyright allowing) with full attribution and link-back to original post. For items not CC-BY, to republish full post, we will contact the authors. Otherwise we will publish just the abstract with a link-back to original post.
  5. If the original posts are behind paywalls, we reproduce the abstract or summary of the abstract with full attribution and link-back to the original journal.
  6. If any author wishes us to remove any of their content at any time, we will happily do so within a reasonable amount of time.