Their young peers have been poisoned for months by the presence of toxic lead in the tap water. Now the members of a Brownie Girl Scouts troop from a nearby town have written letters to Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, expressing their anger and concern over the situation and demanding that the water crisis in Flint be solved.

“I am so mad what happen in Flint,” wrote one of the girls from Brownie troop 71729. “They don’t have clean water to drink for almost two years. I hope you fix this problem.”

Pictures of the letters, and of the girls who wrote them, were shared on the blog of Flint Water Study, an independent research and citizen science organization working with people in the city. Flint Water Study’s all-volunteer research team hails from Virginia Tech and uses their “resources and expertise to help resolve scientific uncertainties associated with drinking water issues being reported” in Flint.

“These pictures are powerful visual forces representative of children who were harmed by a bad policy decision resulting in widespread lead poisoning across the city. These pictures are children concerned about other children and personify what we value as a people, as a nation,” Sid Roy of the Flint Water Study wrote in an email to TakePart.

Source: Outraged Girl Scouts Send Letters Demanding Action on Flint Water Crisis